1. An AngularJS Directive to Download PDF Files
  2. AngularJS Tutorial for Beginners: Learn AngularJS in 7 Days!
  4. PDF Document Display and File Downloads with Angular, AngularJS, and Web API

Contribute to michelledai/javascript-ebooks-1 development by creating an account on GitHub. AngularJS by Example. Learn AngularJS by . Did you know that Packt offers eBook versions of every book published, with PDF and ePub files available?. AngularJS by Example helps you get started with this essential web development framework quickly and easily, guiding you through AngularJS by showing you.

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Angularjs By Example Pdf

Learn AngularJS, and take on the demanding situations of contemporary net improvement via growing your personal functions with those useful examples you . Component-based. Web-Apps with AngularJS. Jan Varwig Since November Massive CMS Frontend. Built entirely in AngularJS. This book is not just another book of AngularJS but it is a unique combination of Angular basics, detailed discussion on core Angular concepts, example driven.

AngularJS is open source, completely free, and used by thousands of developers around the world. Those attributes are interpreted by Angular as instructions to bind input or output components of the page to a model that is shown by. One can manually configure the values of those JavaScript variables within the code, or retrieve them from dynamic or static JSON resources. AngularJS sits on the 6th mark among the most starred project of all time according to GitHub ratings. The methodology changes and enlarges traditional HTML to present dynamic content via dual-way data-binding that allows for the automatic synchronization of models and views. The difficulty of this is dramatically affected by the way the code is structured. To disintegrate the client part of an application from the server part. This lets development work to go on in parallel, and allows for reuse of the two parts. To provide structure for the journey of developing an application: from designing the UI, through the stage of writing the business logic, and lastly to testing. Angular applies the MVC pattern to separate data, presentation and logic components.

An AngularJS Directive to Download PDF Files

It's the best video overview of Angular I've seen. Thank you for it. The upgrade price to get it was worth every penny.

Thank you very much for all your effort! Thanks to your book, my test workflow is up and running very well.

I'm really getting into it and enjoying the content and style in which you have written it. Morgan Polotan Engineering fellow thinkful I can tell ngbook will become the definitive guide to Angular.

AngularJS Tutorial for Beginners: Learn AngularJS in 7 Days!

A big thank you from thinkful engineering! I'm enjoying reading it and I'm learning so much about AngularJS. I got a lot of insight from the security chapter. You guys did a very good job on explaining everything in great detail but also very fluent. Don't know, how to translate it correctly: I mean, it wasn't boring to read ;- I'm so glad, I found your book.

There are other informative books out there, as well as the excellent egghead. I really found this one to be the easiest to understand, because the parts of an app and the whole of an app are both explained so clearly.

High quality and community driven This book has an emphasis on high quality and deep organization. Rebuild the solution with the Visual Studio.

The project has only the client Web UI. Throughout the article, I use the sample application projects in Angular for code demo and discussions.

The project in AngularJS is for backward compatibility in case some developers need it. Here is the home page of the sample application in Angular. The byte array will then be sent to the client-side for processes. By comparisons, the server-side approach is much more powerful and has more features and flexibility. For demo purposes, a PDF data report, Product Order Activity shown in the screenshot above , is generated from a static data source simulating the data from a database using the PdfDataReport tool I previously posted.

The PDF data document creation is not the focus of this article. NET Core project since it references the System. Drawing, System.

Forms, and System. DataVisualization namespaces which are not fully supported by the. NET Framework Core,. NET standard library, and Microsoft. Compatibility pack. Thus, the sample application of ASP. Other items are also set for the response header before the response is returned to the caller. Add "x-filename", "OrderActivity. ReadAllText System. Combine System. GetPdfBytes dataList, elem.

It offers several benefits over the HttpResponseMessage, such as better implementing structures, chaining action results, simplified unit testing for controllers, using Async and Await by default, easy to create own ActionResult, and so on. Since the sample application is demonstrated for single PDF byte array downloading process without taking considerations of entire Web API ActionResult structures, the response here is returned in a straightforward manner as the base HttpResponseMessage object.

The method accepts an optional int type argument requestId. If the requestId value 1 is passed, the code adds this Content-Disposition header item, which specifies the byte array content to be downloaded as a file when using traditional MIME data transfer.

PDF Document Display and File Downloads with Angular, AngularJS, and Web API

Otherwise, the response content should be displayed on the browser based on the content type. This is useful for old browsers or browsers that do not support JavaScript Blob object and its derived structures.

You can check if the Content-Disposition item is included or not in the response header using the tools, such as Fiddler2 or Postman, when calling the Web API method from any browser. Since the Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers have their own proprietary PDF viewers to display the documents delivered as the MIME type, no special consideration is needed on weather or not the Adobe Reader exists in the client devices. The Internet Explorer, however, embeds the Adobe Reader as the default PDF viewer so that you need to install the Adobe Reader on local machine or set it as add-ons to the browser please see this link for the support.

However, the usability and API availability are quite different among browser types, which causes many confusing and inconvenience for developing web applications regarding file content display or file downloads.


The most possible reason could be the Blob URL handling logic and security enforcement by the browsers. A message dialog is shown for unsupported browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari for Windows.